Prof. John Dunn visits the Faculty of History of the University of Gdańsk

This semester, the Faculty of History welcomes Prof. John Dunn of Valdosta State University who will be teaching two courses for the UG students.

Iconoclast or Freak: Eccentrics in American History from colonial times to the Present – available to the UG students from any faculty

Revolutions, Imperialism and War in the Modern World (1500-2020) – monographic lecture available for the students at the Faculty of History


Prof. Dunn holds a Ph.D. in history from Florida State University. He specializes in the history of North-East Africa (the Horn of Africa) in the XIXth century. His research interests encompass the evolution of professional military forces in developing nations of the Nineteenth Century. John Dunn is the author of Khedive Ismail’s Army (London: Routledge, 2005, paperback edition 2016) which is now under contract to be published in Arabic (in Egypt). He is also a co-author [with Libi Sundermann and Mario Azevedo] of Global These in World History Since 1500 (San Diego:  Cognella, 2021). He has just completed a “History of Islamic Naval Power” with Donald Stoker (to be published by Hellion, 2022). Professor John also co-edited all chapters, wrote lengthy overview and bibliography chapters to Melanie Byrd and John Dunn (eds.), Cooking Through History (Greenwood, 2020), as well as numerous articles, including in the Polish and Polish-American journals. Professor Dunn has been a regular visitor to the UG campus, together with his VSU students since 2016. Thanks to his personal engagement and unwavering efforts some of the UG professors had an opportunity to teach at VSU over the last 3 years. The cooperation between VSU and UG is excellent and strengthened by prof. Dunn’s coming to teach in Gdańsk. 

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