prof. Paolo L. Bernnardini's lecture "Time's Offspring. Truth as Daughter of Time in the Renaissance”

We invite you to the lecture "Time's Offspring. Truth as Daughter of Time in the Renaissance”, which will be given by prof. Paolo L. Bernnardini's on Friday 27th of May at 11.30 in room 1.46. at the Faculty of History.

Professors Bernardini current research is on the concept of truth as daughter of time in the Renaissance, from an interdisciplinary point of view. Primarily art history, but also intellectual and political history. Why truth could no longer be perceived immediately, but it needed a "delay" in time to be fully understood? Why time acts as "father" of truth, and not God anymore? Who are the agents that actually bring truth to life? In his talk he will present the first results of his research.

Prof. Paolo Bernardini is since 2006 full professor of Early Modern European History at the University of Insubria, in Como. In 2021-2022 he is fellow of the Hamburg Institute for Advanced Study, in Hamburg. His newest book, "Di dolore ostello", is a collection of essays in Italian intellectual history in honour of the seventh centenary of Dante's birth. 

His next book will be on the Jews of Mantua, the theme of his dissertation at the European University Institute in Florence, defended in 1994. 

Prof. Bernardini graduated in Philosophy at the University of Genoa in 1987 and has been a Member of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton in 1998-1999 and of the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study at Notre Dame University in 2015-2016.



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