Assoc Prof. Dr. Yulia Kiselyova from the V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, a scholarship holder of the UG Polish-Ukrainian scientific programme at the Faculty of History, University of Gdańsk

Assoc Prof. Dr. Yulia Kiselyova from the V N. Karazin Kharkiv National University received a monthly "Polish-Ukrainian scientific programme" UG research grant at the Faculty of History, University of Gdańsk. She conducted her research at the Faculty of History from April 26th, 2022 to May 25th, 2022. During his stay at the Faculty of History UG Prof. Kiselyova prepared a paper summarizing the results of the project "Historiographic Dissertation of the Era of Ukrainian Independence through the Prism of the Quantitative Method". The aim of the project was to examine historiographic dissertations defended in Ukraine since 1991. The study was to indicate to what extent Ukrainian historiography follows the world methodological standards of historical (including biographical) writing.

In addition to research work, Prof. Kiselyova participated in three meetings with students of the Faculty of History. On April 27th she took part in outdoor classes organized by Prof. UG Magdalena Nowak within the subject Methodology of organizing tourist events (2nd year, Historical Tourism, BA). Our guest was guided around the monuments of the Main Town. On April 28th Prof. Kiselyova participated in a class organized by Prof UG Magdalena Nowak, prof. UG as part of the subject: Civilization of the 19th and 20th centuries - history, politics, economy (3rd year, Historical Tourism, BA). The topic of the classes was the Crises of the Polish People's Republic. Prof. Kiselyova presented similar crises that had taken place in Ukraine in the last 30 years. On May 11th our Ukrainian guest participated in a lecture on World War II held by Prof. UG. Barbara Klassa (Cultural Heritage of Poland, 1st year, Historical Tourism, MA).

Prof. Kiselyova also gave two lectures. On April 29th she held a lecture in English entitled "Results of the Study of Self-Representation Practices in Cities of Southern and Eastern Ukraine in the Industrial and Post-Industrial Era" as part of the series of meetings "Friday at the Faculty of History”. The meeting was attended by students and academic teachers.

On May 9th Prof. Kiselyova delivered a paper: "Біоісторіографічні дисертації незалежної України крізь призму кількісних методів дослідження." / Biographical Independence of the Ukrainian Episcopalism. It was a webinar in the series Gdańsk Meetings of the Historiographic Society. The participants were scholars and students from various research centres in Poland and Ukraine. Prof. Kiselyova’s stay at the Faculty of History UG allowed her to continue the research she had started in Ukraine before the outbreak of the war. She also greatly contributed to the closer cooperation of the Faculty of History with the VN Karazin Kharkiv National University. 


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