Prof. UG, dr hab. Magdalena Nowak’s book Два світи. Проблема національної ідентифікації Андрея Шептицького в 1865–1914 роках has just been published in Lviv

Prof. UG, dr hab. Magdalena Nowak’s book  "Два світи. Проблема національної ідентифікації Андрея Шептицького в 1865–1914 роках" has just been published  in Lviv by the Publishing House “Swichado” –  the Publishing House of UG, Lviv-Gdańsk 2023. It has been translated by an excellent Ukrainian translator and a historian Andryi Pavlyshyn.

Dr Magdalena Nowak’s book "Two Worlds. The Problem of Andrzej Sheptyts’kyi's National Identification in the Years 1865-1914" (original title: "Dwa światy. Zagadnienie indentyfikacji narodowej Andrzeja Szeptyckiego w latach 1865-1914") was first published in 2018 by the University of Gdańsk Publishing House, Poland. Publication of its translation into Ukrainian ("Два світи. Проблема національної ідентифікації Андрея Шептицького в 1865–1914 роках") is the response to the growing need of knowledge on Archbishop Andrei Sheptyts’kyi’s life in Ukraine. Translated by a well-known Ukrainian journalist and translator Andryi Pavlyshyn, with the preface to the Ukrainian edition by Dr. Vitalij Masnenko from the Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University of Cherkasy and co-edited by the Ukrainian Publisher “Svichado” and the Publishing House of the University of Gdańsk, it appears almost at the first anniversary of the Russian aggression on Ukraine. The work discusses matters that constitute the historical background of today’s conflict, mainly the birth and shape of Ukrainian national identification at the turn of the 20th century.

This is the first such an extensive and comprehensive work on Sheptyts’kyi in the world historiography. It analyzes the process of his transition into an Ukrainian national identification. It is also the first such comprehensive and reliable study in historical literature of his childhood, youth, beginnings of his career and the first several years of his archbishop's ministry. The work is based on an impressive multilingual source base. The author showed how Sheptyts’kyi coming from the Polish cultural milieu became a spokesman for the religious, cultural and political interests of the Ukrainian nation. The second important layer of the work are numerous, detailed findings of the author regarding Sheptyts’kyi's biography.

It should be emphasized that Dr. Nowak’s work has been positively assessed and widely reviewed in Poland, Ukraine and in USA (6 reviews in English, Ukrainian and Polish). Thus, it is an important contribution to the history of Poland, Ukraine and this part of Europe.

The book has been published thanks to the fruitful cooperation of the “Svichado” Publishing House with the UG Publishing House and thanks to the support of the International Border Studies Center, UG.

Information at the site of the "Svichado" Publishing House: Два світи, Митрополит Андрей Шептицький, Маґдалена Новак (




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