Dr. Piotr Derengowski lectures at Valdosta States University / USA

On April 11 dr. Piotr Derengowski delivered a lecture titled „Conducting Research on the Civil War from the Perspective of an Outsider” as a part of VSU Undergraduate Research Symposium. The annual symposium is providing an excellent platform for students to improve their scientific workshop.

This was another speech by Dr. Derengowski during his current stay in the US. Earlier, in February he delivered a paper titled “Polish sources to the Civil War” as a part of Annual Meeting of Georgia Association of Historians.

Dr. Derengowski is a Louis Brown scholar for Spring Semester 2023 at Valdosta States University, were he is conducting a research on discrimination of African American in the US Army during the Civil War based on archival material from the National Archives in Washington D.C.

Dr. Derengowski is also teaching two courses at Valdosta State University (“US History to 1865” and “United States 1850-1877”) for more than 50 students.


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