Prof. UG, Ph.D. Magdalena Nowak 2023 Fall Semester Louie A. Brown Visiting International Scholar, Department of History, Valdosta State University, Georgia, USA

Dr. Magdalena Nowak has received the Brown Scholar Award at Valdosta State University, Georgia, USA and she spands Fall Semester 2023 in the US. She teaches "Public History in Poland", implementing modern teaching methods which aim is to increase student involvement, e.g. board games, field trips, quizzes, etc. Dr. Nowak has recently took part in joint classes with Prof. Dr. John Dunn that have been devoted to Solidarity 1980, Martial Law and the fall of communism in Poland in 1989.

For her fellowship at VSU, Dr. Nowak has received a leave of absence from the Rector of the University of Gdańsk with the task of implementing a research plan that concerns the issues of Polish and Ukrainian diasporas and Metropolitan Andrei Sheptyts’kyi in America.

At the turn of November and December 2023, Dr. Nowak is planing to take part in the congress of the Association for Slavic, East European and Euroasian Studies (ASEEES) in Philadelphia. where he will talk about the problem of the Borderlands in Polish historiography. She is the organizer of the panel " Shaping Relationships in the Polish Eastern Borderlands (Kresy) during the 20th Century”. The event will also feature Prof. Dr. John Dunn (VSU, USA) as moderator, writer and Research Fellow Marco Carynnyk (University of Toronto, Canada) as discussant and speakers: Prof. Dr. Patrice Dabrowski (Harvard University, USA), Mgr Iwona Flis and Prof. Nowak (UG, Poland).

While her stay at VSU Dr. Nowak also promotes in the USA and Canada a translation of her newest book on Archbishop Andrei Sheptyts’kyi into Ukrainian (ДВА СВІТИ. Проблема національної ідентифікації Андрея Шептицького в 1865–1914 роках, Переклав Андрій Павлишин, ВИДАВНИЦТВО «СВІЧАДО» – ВИДАВНИЦТВО ҐДАНСЬКОГО УНІВЕРСИТЕТУ Львів–Ґданськ 2023, cc. 640).

She represents the Faculty of History of the University of Gdańsk at Valdosta State University, promoting our university, participating in conferences and lectures, and working to deepen our international scientific contacts.

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