Derengowski Piotr

Piotr Derengowski (History, University of Gdańsk, Poland). MA in History, University of Gdańsk (2006). Published more than twenty articles, as well as four bios in The Polish American Encyclopedia (2011) and one bio in Polski Słownik Biograficzny. Polish-American Research Fellowship (Garstka Program) at the Notre Dame University, 2010–2012. PAHA’s Graduate Student Research Paper Award (2013) for an article: “Capt. Alexander Raszewski's Polish Legion and Other Less Known Polish Troops in the Union Army During the American Civil War“. PhD in History, University of Gdańsk (2014). Dissertation title: “Poles in the American Civil War 1861–1865”. Teaching Fellowship from the Kosciuszko Foundation at SUNY Buffalo, 2014-2015. Louis Brown scholarship at the Valdosta State University (Spring Semester 2019). Currently works as an Assistant Professor at the University of Gdańsk, Institute of History (since 2017). Research interests: Polish immigration in the United States after 1831, military history, U.S. Civil War, U.S. Colored Troops, racial discrimination in the US Army from the Civil War to the War in Korea.


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