Department of Medieval History

Department of Medieval History

This organizational unit consists of three scholars: prof. dr hab. Wiesław Długokęcki (Chair), dr Aleksandra Girsztowt and prof. dr hab. Rafał Kubicki.

Their research includes diverse topics related to the history of Middle Ages in Europe. Among the broadly described areas of study there are: Prussia before the Teutonic conquest, socio-economic history of the reign by the Teutonic Order in Prussia, New Margraviate and Livonia in the Middle Ages, settlements and rural structures in the Teutonic Prussia, as well as craftsmanship and daily life of urban communities in the Baltic and Hanseatic spaces, Western monasticism (monastic and mendicant orders), monastic structures in Central and Northern Europe. In our studies we often traverse the conventional chronological framework of the Middle Ages to illustrate the perseverance of structures and institutions dating back to the 13th-15th centuries. 

Currently, our research topics focus on spatial and functional development of Gdańsk since the tenth century, flood protection in Żuławy and the lower Vistula valley (Długokęcki), the policy of the Teutonic Order towards cities in the Neumark, history of Malbork before 1772 (Girsztowt), topography of the religious life of medieval Gdańsk (Kubicki). 

There are periodic conferences organized by the Department, including: Origines et mutationes and Gdańsk Medievalists’ Meetings / Colloquia mediaevalia Gedanensia.

Within the educational curriculum at the Faculty of History, academics working at the Department of Medieval History offer courses related to general history of the era  (lectures, discussion sessions and seminars) as well as intro classes, essential for successful preparation of both bachelor and master thesis (e.g. Introduction to Historical Research, Historical Research Methods and Practices). Our team also offers classes to students majoring in fields other than history such as archeology, sightseeing and historical tourism. An important part of our educational and training effort goes to the doctoral seminar that currently includes three graduate students.


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