Landowski Zbigniew

Zbigniew Landowski 

Assistant professor at the Division of Contemporary General History of Institute of History of Faculty of History of Gdansk University (ORCID 0000-0002-2747-2898), a graduate of Arabic Studies (Warsaw University), studies the history of the latest Oriental Studies (also in Gdańsk), Eastern cultures and religions, and touring, 'atypical' tourism and European travels to the countries of the Orient. He is also interested in the cultural image of the world (in the religious, ethnological and touring dimensions) in the modern history of Asia, including the history of art and everyday life in all its manifestations (e.g. music including pop and clothes). What concerns Islam, it focuses on the analysis of forms of folk Islam present in Central Asia (e.g. magic or everyday life of Muslims). Author of many books and articles. Lexicographer (author and co-author of several dictionaries). Translator of scientific and fiction literature (English, Russian, Ukrainian). He also deals with audiovisual translation (documentary and feature films). Major publications: Polityczny wymiar islamu we współczesnych konstytucjach [The political dimension of Islam in contemporary constitutions] (2013), Sufizm [Sufism] (2010); translations: Z historii Polaków w Kazachstanie [From the history of Poles in Kazakhstan] 1936-1956 (2006), A.L.S. Marsot, Historia Egiptu. Od podbojów arabskich po współczesność [History of Egypt. From the Arab Conquest to the Present] (2009). Contact in basic European conference languages, also in Arabic and Ukrainian.

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