Kubicki Rafał

Prof. Dr. habil. Rafał Kubicki born on May 15th, 1974 in Gdansk. 2000 M.A. History (University of Gdansk), 2000 M.A. Theology (The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin), 22.10.2004 Ph. D. History (University of Gdansk), 14.12.2012 habilitation in History (University of Gdańsk).

Employment: 2000-2009 archivist, custos and senior curator at the States Archive in Gdansk, since 2005 assistant professor, 2013 associate professor, 2021 professor in the Institute of History, University of Gdansk

My main directions in conducted research are studies done over the history of the Church, primarily monasticism (mendicant orders, but also economic issues in the monastic era), socio-economic history of the Teutonic Order in Prussia (millery, structures and rural environment) as well as urban society (urbanite testaments, forms of religiousness) and town life in the late medieval (urban baths, source editions relating to hospitals). I also conduct research concerning Early Modern Period (monasticism, millery), but also the first part of 19th century (dissolution of the orders).





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