Żeglińska Anna

dr Anna Żeglińska | Uniwersytet Gdański - University of Gdańsk (ug.edu.pl)


Telefon: +48585232502 

E-mail: anna.zeglinska@ug.edu.pl

E-mail: anna.zeglinska@ug.edu.pl

Strona WWW: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3429-8242





Doctor of humanities in the field of history - archivistics. A graduate of Polish philology (1999) and history, specialization in archivistics - computer archivistics (2000), PhD (2007), assistant professor at the Institute of History and International Relations of the University of Warmia and Mazury (since 2008), coordinator of the specialization: Archives and contemporary documentation management. From 2019, assistant professor at the Department of Methodology of History and Archives of the University of Gdańsk. Author of publications in the field of archival science, in particular East Prussian family archives, problems of computerization of archives, including methods of searching for archival materials in archival information systems, problems of supplementing the national archival resource with oral history reports of historical value. 



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