Kościelak Sławomir

Sławomir Kościelak, born 1962; he was awarded an MA at the University of Gdansk in 1988; he obtained Ph. D in Gdansk in 2001 (specialization – history of early modern time), granted the postdoctoral degree in 2013; Professor UG (University of Gdansk, Institute of History) since 2015.

Current research focuses on the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation in Royal Prussia  (one of provinces in Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth); social history of early modern times: processes of social transformation inside modern-ages society in Poland between 16 and 19th CC, studies about a pauperization of old feudal elites and a creation of modern society.

He is a member of the Polish Historical Society (Polskie Towarzystwo Historyczne), the Polish Heraldic Society (Polskie Towarzystwo Heraldyczne), the Association of Polish Archivists (Stowarzyszenie Archiwistów Polskich) and the Society “the Uphagen House” (he was the president of the letter society in 2014-2019). The member of the editorial board of gedanopedia.pl since 2019.

His more important works are following:

Books - Jezuici w Gdańsku od drugiej połowy XVI do końca XVIII wieku (Jesuits in Gdansk from 16th to the end of 18th. CC), Gdańsk-Kraków: Gdańskie Towarzystwo Naukowe, Wydawnictwo WAM, 2003; 

Katolicy w protestanckim Gdańsku od drugiej połowy XVI do końca XVIII wieku (Catholics in Protestant Gdansk from Second Half  of 16. To the End of 18th CC.), Gdańsk: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego, 2012.

Editor of books:

Gdańsk protestancki w epoce nowożytnej (The Protestant Gdansk in Early Modern Time), vol. 1, ed. together with Edmund Kizik, Gdańsk: Muzeum Narodowe, 2017. The Pomeranian Literary Award in 2018.


Pochodzenie, środowisko rodzinne i początki fałszerskiej działalności Krzysztofa Stanisława Janikowskiego, „Zapiski Historyczne”, T. LXXXI, 2016, z. 1, s. 63-96

http://www.zapiskihistoryczne.pl/en/issues Background, relatives and the origin of the counterfeit activity of Krzysztof Stanisław Janikowski “Zapiski Historyczne”, (“Historical Records”, Vol. LXXXI, 2016, Issue 1, pp. 57-89

Religion in Gdansk in the Middle Ages and early modern Times: From St. Adalbert’s mission to the Reformation victory [in:] New Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Poland and Prussia. The impact of Gdansk, ed. by Beata Możejko, London and New York 2017 (Routledge Research in Medieval Studies, vol. 10), pp. 87-101.



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