Department of Modern Art History

The Department of Modern Art History focuses on studies in art and architecture, and on artistic life in modern times between the last quarter of the XIX century and the end of the XX century, up to the most contemporary period of the last twenty years. The department employs a team of five scholars coming from different academic centers and representing diversified research interests.

Prof. dr hab. Małgorzata Omilanowska, Head of the Department of Modern Art History, for many years Warsaw-based, is engaged mainly in architecture of various periods, as she writes both about classicism and the most contemporary creations. She worked for the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage – she was first a Deputy Minister, and later a Minister of Culture and National Heritage (2014-2015), so as an educator she shares her experience in cultural organizations, protection of historical monuments, etc. Dr hab. prof. UG Jacek Friedrich has strong ties with Gdansk – h e is passionately involved in studies on Gdańsk, engaged on a voluntary basis in protecting the heritage and cultural landscape of the Pomerania region, and since 2020 Director of National Museum in Gdańsk. Dr hab. prof. UG Rafał Makała, from Szczecin, has great expertise in studies in architecture and art of the Pomerania region. His two-year professorship at the Technical University in Berlin translates into excellent international contacts. Dr. Hubert Bilewicz combines his passions for antiquity, twentieth-century design and contemporary art, whereas Dr. Dariusz Konstantynów specializes primarily in painting of the XIX and XX centuries, as well as artistic life and the art of exhibition.

The scholars of the Department of Modern Art History provide lectures not only for students of art history – both compulsory and optional courses, including some extremely popular seminars – but are also guest lecturers for students of other disciplines, such as studies on Gdańsk, tourism and sightseeing, or various philological studies. The professors – Omilanowska and Friedrich – are also science editors of the Institute’s yearly “Porta Aurea,” which will have its twentieth issue this year.

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