Department of Polish and Global XIX Century History

The Department of Polish and Global XIX Century History in the Institute of History consists of five scholars. Since 2017, the Department has been chaired by prof. Krzysztof Lewalski.

The Department offers classes, discussion sessions, lectures and seminars to students in fields such as: History, Regional Studies and Historic Tourism, Religion Studies, Russian Philology, Kashubian Ethno-Philology Studies, Russian Studies and German Studies.

Besides the shared research interests of Polish and global XIX century history, each of the Department’s academics focuses on other specific research areas.

Prof. Iwona Sakowicz-Tebinka specializes in the history of Russia and Great Britain. Prof. Sakowicz-Tebinka is also interested in history of the press and travel literature, as well as the phenomenon of XIX century’s pilgrimage.

Dr Anna Łysiak-Łątkowska’s research topics are the socio-philosophical thought in the Age of Enlightenment, the Polish-French relations, French history and culture since the XVIII to the early XX century, and women’s social history and the moral matters of the XVIII and XIX centuries.

Dr Michalina Petelska studies the Polish-Scandinavian and Polish-Canadian relations, as well as the history of emigration from the Polish lands. Dr Petelska is also interested in issues related to Museology.

Dr Tomasz Rembalski focuses on issues related to social and economic history, especially the matters of XIX century Kashubian nobility and the Kashubian-Pomeranian country of the early XX century. Dr Rembalski is also interested in regional issues, genealogy, and editing historical sources.

Prof. Krzysztof Lewalski studies religious issues on Polish lands in XIX and XX centuries, especially the relation of Christian Churches to the Jewish matter, Polish-Jewish relations, the history of Roman-Catholic Church in the Kingdom of Poland and Russia in XIX and XX centuries, as well as issues of everyday life of clergy and memoirs’ editing. Additionally, prof. Lewalski is interested in secularization of Christianity in a historical perspective.


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