International Conference Being SEA-EU

Dear Scientists and Students,

On behalf of the SEA-EU partner universities, we encourage you to participate in the international conference 'Being SEA-EU', the first edition will be held at the University of Malta on June 10-12, 2024. Abstracts for the event can be submitted until February 23rd this year, and the authors of the best proposals will receive funding for full-time participation in the conference.

The event will be an excellent opportunity to present research achievements and exchange experiences among the communities of 9 universities in the SEA-EU alliance of European universities. Students and scientists from Gdańsk, Cadiz, Brest, Kiel, Split, Malta, Algarve, Naples and Bodø will share their accomplishments. The conference aims to present research results, promote European values ​​and sustainable development included in the SEA-EU missions.

You can submit abstracts in one in one of four categories:

  • technology, engineering, mathematics, medicine/health sciences,
  • art, humanities and social sciences (economics, sociology, anthropology, etc.),
  • migration and human rights,
  • interdisciplinary category.

The organizers planned to present the topics in form of a paper (stationary/online) and a poster session. The Conference Scientific Committee will assess all applications. The SEA-EU project will finance trips and presentations by the authors of the best abstracts.

The deadline for submitting applications is February 23rd. You can find a detailed description of the event and conditions of participation at

Join us and share your passion for learning!



What is SEA-EU? It is an alliance of 9 European seaside universities where science meets diversity. Its mission is to create an international and interdisciplinary European University that will strengthen scientific cooperation, support innovation and knowledge transfer. SEA-EU's activities strive for sustainable development by ensuring higher education and research quality. For all alliance members, this also means close cooperation with enterprises, local authorities and researchers to find solutions to the challenges of sustainable economic development.

You can read more about the alliance at:

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