German studies

German studies

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German studies – a modern and interdisciplinary course combining history and German studies. Instead of studying two separate courses, a student has a chance to gain broad knowledge in both of those fields, complemented by notions related to social, legal and economic sciences. Strong relation between the teaching content and contemporary history and the culture of the German-speaking countries as well as intensive German language course increases students' employability in the Polish labour market and abroad.

There are scientific societies working in the Institute of History at the University of Gdańsk where many student conferences and scientific trips are organised. As a part of Erasmus exchange scheme, students have a chance to attend classes in foreign universities in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Belgium, Romania, Hungary and Latvia. A student internship in numerous Pomeranian schools and public institutions enables students to gain useful skills and priceless professional experience. Modern teaching facilities and highly-qualified academic workers ensure a comfortable learning environment. Our graduates find employment as politicians, members of local governments, scientists, tour guides, entrepreneurs, clerks, journalists, teachers, librarians or archivists.

The course is delivered by the Institute of History in partnership with the Institute of German Philology at the university of Gdańsk.

German Studies course offer.

The BA studies.

The curriculum places emphasis on contemporariness, regional history and culture as well as knowledge of historical and cultural Polish-German borderline (especially the area of Pomeriania, Gdańsk, Kashubia, Warmia and Masuria). The students of German Studies can pursue two specialisations: 'business and tourism' (covering subjects related to administration or knowledge of the region) and 'European integration' (covering subjects related to knowledge of European Union and contemporary Germany).

There are two levels of language course currently available: for beginners and for students with a good command of German.

The MA studies.

There are two specialisations which can be pursued: “media studies” and “intercultural communication”.

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