History of Art

History of Art

Historia sztukiHistory of Art in Gdańsk!

Studying History of Art ensures obtaining comprehensive humanistic education. Highly-qualified staff delivers a well-prepared academic curriculum which enables many-sided acquaintance with the history of both Polish and world art. The main aim of the studies is to instill an in-depth insight into each work of art, an ability to locate its place in a broader cultural context as well as to notice, analyse and reconstruct long-term artistic processes.

There is a scientific society working in the Institute of Art History at the University of Gdańsk: Koło Naukowe Badaczy Kultury (Academic Association of Culture Researchers). It is divided into several thematic sections which implement their own research and heritage recording programmes. The association organises exhibitions and its members take part in scientific conferences, vernissages, as well as other important cultural events.

You have an opportunity to study History of Art both full-time and part-time in the form of both BA and MA studies. The curriculum for this course does not provide any specialisations.

The classes covered by the History of Art course include, among others: Introduction to the History of Art, History of Ancient and Early Christian Art, History of General and Polish Modern Art, History of General and Polish Contemporary Art, History of Gdańsk's Art, Art Historian's Research Workshop, Methodology of Art History and History of Art Research, Museology and Heritage Preservation, History of Art Doctrines.

After completing the History of Art studies, the graduate can find employment in museums, art galleries, management of tourist services, art-related publishing houses, mass media, historic preservation offices, culture departments of local and central government units, customhouses, appropriate departments of the police and other forces fighting art trafficking.


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